Maybank Fintech @ Maybank Golf Championship 2017

In conjunction with the Maybank Golf Champship this year, we were invited to participate and showcase AppPay during the 3-day event which was to promote Fintech startups like us. It was a pleasure attending this event not only to network with the Maybank heads, but other startups occupying the space with one flying in from Thailand!

And while we had great sunny weather, we had the opportunity to trial the newly launched MaybankPay – an app which connected directly to your Maybank savings account or Maybank credit card. Sounding similar to our merchant’s wallet, it is not. Because our merchant’s wallet would belong to the brand owner (merchant) themselves and all credited amount would be in the account of the brand itself.

Above is Danny explaining to the crowd and other startups why AppPay does loyalty and mobile payment solutions. The key factor; thinner wallets for all.

And he might have been a little too enthusiastic during the session – our hosts had him lower the energy a little midway – whoops!

By the 3rd day, we were pretty tanned and enjoyed learning about other startups. We’d like to thank the fintech team from Maybank for the opportunity and hope to connect again soon.